SCITT introduction

Guiseley School is a part of the Leeds SCITT. School Centred Initial Teacher Training courses are ideal for any graduate who wishes to complete their teacher training within a school environment. Our courses are led by experienced teaching professionals. You can expect to receive a high level of training and support from both inside and outside the classroom.

That’s why if you’re passionate about working within a teaching environment and eager to develop your confidence and understanding as a teacher, a School Centred Initial Teacher Training course is a fantastic choice for you.

Working in partnership with Leeds Trinity University our SCITT courses offer a full Professional-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and 60 Masters credits.

At Guiseley School we are the Lead school for both Art and Design and Design Technology as well as mentoring across a number of subjects within the SCITT.

Why train with us?

The Leeds SCITT is one of the longest running SCITTS in West Yorkshire. At Guiseley School we have an excellent track record with respect to teacher training. All of our Trainees in 2015/16 were rated as either good or outstanding at the end of the course, as well as this we have an excellent Trainee employee rates, usually at 90% or higher, with the majority being in local schools.

Course structure

Throughout every stage of the course, trainees will be fully supported by the lead tutor for Art and Design/Design Technology, a link tutor from Leeds SCITT and also subject specialist mentors who are dedicated to ensuring training is carried out to the highest standards.

The course lasts 10 months and is divided into three stages of training.

Want to know more?

More information with details about how to apply can found by clicking on the link below.

Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three

SCITT Mentors

Stephen Vasey

I am new in role this year and have responsibility for staff development, ITT/SCITT, as well as curriculum and timetabling at Guiseley School. I am particularly looking forward to working with the ITT/SCITT students. I have worked with numerous ITT providers since I began teaching and have hosted and mentored many trainees. I value working with trainee teachers as they ensure that you are constantly reviewing your own practice to ensure the best outcomes and look forward to doing this on a larger scale. The SCITT programme offers a practical, supportive programme and an opportunity to learn from exceptional teaching practitioners.

I will be responsible for the selection and recruitment of Design Technology and Art and Design trainees. I will have oversight of trainee progress and their individual training needs throughout their learning experience. I will be planning and delivering the Professional Studies programme and look forward to seeing the fresh ideas and creative approaches which the trainees will bring to these sessions.

Suzanne Johnson

Working with Leeds SCITT over the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to work with trainees in a number of roles. I am currently the Lead Tutor for Design and Technology here at Guiseley School as well as a specialist Subject Mentor and Link Tutor.

As Lead Tutor for Design and Technology, my job is to lead and facilitate the Design and Technology subject content and work with the team of D&T mentors in our partnership schools who tutor our trainees when out on placements.

My Subject Mentor role enables me to work with trainees on a more one to one basis whilst here on placement, supporting and celebrating with them as they endeavour to work through the many challenges that they will face on their journey.

This is without doubt one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. The opportunity to work with bright and enthusiastic individuals who share a passion for Design and Technology allows myself and my colleagues to stay abreast of curriculum developments. I am always inspired by their new and innovative ideas, and feel very fortunate to be able to watch them on their way to becoming confident and effective classroom practitioners.

Zoe Wilkinson

I am an Art and Photography Subject Tutor here at Guiseley School.

My role within SCITT is to support the trainees and help them to develop their own teaching style. As a Mentor I assist with weekly target setting, lesson ideas and behaviour management strategies.

I really enjoy working with trainees who are creative and passionate about what they do. It keeps me on my toes and ensures I am up to date with both subject and curriculum developments. I understand that it is a challenging year and I enjoy being able to assist with many of the challenges. It is always brilliant to see someone you have mentored start their own career within the teaching profession.

Amanda Teal

I am the Subject Based Tutor for Food Technology within Guiseley School. My role within SCITT is to mentor future Design and Technology teachers specialising in Food & Nutrition

Having the fortuity to work with the next generation of Design and Technology teachers is a real privilege. The opportunity to steer another’s growth is one of the reasons I entered the teaching profession. The journey to become an effective and engaging teacher can be rocky at times, but the trainees’ enthusiasm and desire to learn their new profession in a constantly changing environment is inspirational. It is a pleasure to help them along this journey.

Shaun Smeaton

My specialisms include the delivery of Product Design across Key Stages 3/4/5. Systems and Control across Key Stages 4/5 and Engineering at KS4.

I have been involved in the SCITT program as a subject tutor for 10 years within Guiseley School and have also performed the role of Link Tutor, visiting students out on placement in our partner schools during the Stage II and III of the course. I have been very fortunate to experience the development and refinement of the course across this time as trainees successfully complete the course noting the excellent record of securing employment both in the UK and overseas. I feel that this course has achieved an ideal balance between classroom practice and experience and the delivery of professional studies theory associated with outstanding teaching as well as offering excellent support networks to trainees as they undertake to enter the teaching profession.

Tracy Broadhead

I have been supporting trainee teachers for fourteen years, initially with trainee teachers on school placements and with SCITT trainees at Guiseley for five years now. I truly believe that this is the best route to prepare trainees for teaching and give them the confidence to deliver great lessons from the minute they start their first teaching post. I work with an exceptional team of outstanding teachers to deliver high quality training and to ensure our trainees have the best possible experience. I am the Lead Tutor for Art & Design but also visit trainees on their school placements as a Link Tutor. I have a passion for improving Teaching and Learning and strive to deliver outstanding lessons. I am a Learning and Teaching Specialist for the Leeds Learning Partnership and deliver training and give support to Primary and Secondary Art teachers in Leeds. After 25 years of teaching I still love being in the classroom and supporting student learning and seeing young people progress and succeed; it's extremely rewarding and I feel grateful to have such a wonderful job.

Ex-Scitt Trainees

Megan Woodier

Several years ago I applied for the SCITT course aspiring to be a successful Design & Technology Teacher. After continuous support and guidance from experienced members of staff I qualified as a Teacher.

The SCITT course is one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had the opportunity to be part of. Having had the opportunity to access and teach lessons at the start of the course, this instantly gave me an insight into what teaching was all about. I was given the opportunity to take over classes and plan, prepare and deliver lessons which to me was the best way to develop my knowledge and understanding of the role of a teacher.

During my SCITT year I was given different teaching placements which allowed me to be part of varied and diverse school environments. In all my placements I was supported by my mentors and given weekly meetings to help develop my teaching techniques and Professional Development.

After successfully passing my training year I am now a fully qualified teacher of Design & Technology. I continued to learn and develop new skills during my first few years as a qualified teacher and in 2016 I returned to Guiseley School after three years teaching in a City School. After only 2 years of teaching I was successfully appointed ‘Deputy Curriculum Leader’ which allowed me to develop my leadership and management skills. When I returned to Guiseley School I was appointed ‘Second in Department- KS3 Co-ordinator’.

Overall, I feel that the SCITT experience was the reason why I have been able to progress so quickly as a teacher as I have been given the opportunity to be in a school gaining first-hand experience from day one.