The school specifically aims to

  • Ensure that students have the opportunity to achieve the best outcomes and enable future progression in learning.

  • Develop our students respect for views different to our own and to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and well-being.

  • Challenge our students to think creatively and ensure that students and staff maintain high expectations.

  • Establish a community of caring learners who will work collaboratively to ensure that we can all achieve.


We work closely with our feeder Primary Schools and have worked in partnership with these schools to develop units of work in Math’s and English that bridge the transition between Year 6 and Year 7. Our curriculum then builds on the skills and knowledge learnt in the Primary phase to move students forward.

Assessment and Tracking in KS3

The Assessment and Tracking overviews for KS3 are available to download below.

**To see Guiseley School’s subject specific KS3 assessment grids, please go to our Subjects page**

Information provided in tracking and reports
Stages explained


The Library has over 27,000 resources and 10 networked computers available for students and staff to access. The Library is available to staff and students from 8.00am until 4.00pm closing early on Friday at 3.30pm and students can access the Library at break and lunchtimes. It is staffed by two Librarians Miss Dunn and Mrs O’Connor, who are supported by a group of Student Librarians during break and lunchtimes.

The Library has a variety of resources available from books, newspapers, magazines, a networked library catalogue with access to educational websites, electronic resources and games.

It hosts a variety of activities from reading groups for students, to a manga/graphic novels group and Chess club which runs an annual Chess tournament.

Reading groups have been involved with the Leeds Book Awards whilst the Manga group takes part in the Young People’s Comic award.

This school year marks the fourth year of running the Accelerated Reader programme where every Year 7 and 8 student is encouraged to read for pleasure, while selecting books appropriate and challenging for them.


Homework is work that is set to be done outside the timetabled curriculum. It contains an element of independent study in that it is not usually directly supervised by a teacher. It is important in raising student achievement.

Not all homework is done at home. In fact, some students who find it hard to work at home, some tasks may require resources (books, software, IT access) which are more readily available at school, it may be necessary or desirable to carry out the task at school. Homework enhances student learning, improves achievement and develops students’ study skills and as such is an integral part of the curriculum.