Overview of the Subject

As a subject, English is not easily defined. It does not have, for example, the recognisable content-based body of knowledge and narrowly-identifiable skills common to other subject areas. True, in fictional and expressive works it has some claim to discrete subject matter, and in critical analysis a skill and method peculiar to itself, but its overall range is far wider, less susceptible to definition. It transcends subject boundaries because it is a means of communication and knowledge which seeks to enable, extend and enrich the linguistic experience of all students. Its proper subject matter is the entire spectrum of language and human experience, and it is, in consequence, the most cross-curricular of all disciplines.

It is also this quality which makes it such an exciting and challenging area in which to operate.

Our aim is to make students think, explore, describe and empathise with the ideas and feelings of others. They should learn the skills necessary to express themselves fully in a variety of situations and for a variety of purposes. We aim to enable them to judge, argue and assess opinion: equally importantly, they should be encouraged to respect and be sympathetic towards those outside the immediate compass of their own knowledge and experience.

English is the backbone of the curriculum. It is also, however, the truest form of education for life.

Perks of the course:
  • Theatre visits
  • Poetry readings
  • Film
  • Literary festivals
  • University-led courses
  • Writing workshops
  • Drama workshops
  • Lectures

‘… and I always thought Shakespeare was DULL!’
‘I never knew a few words could mean so much.’