Design and Technology

Overview of the Subject

"The teaching of quality Design and Technology in our schools is a vital requirement for the country’s future in the 21st century” James Dyson.

“Design and Technology is an important study for all young people, not only those who enter specialised courses in further and higher education.’’ DfEE

Design and Technology is the study of the production of man-made objects.

These objects:-

  • Must be for a recognized purpose that will solve human needs.
  • Can be products, systems or environments.
  • Must use acceptable scientific principles, materials technology and human resources.
  • Must be suitable for use by more than one person or be used in quantities; i.e. not a singleitem for personal use

Design and Technology differs from other Subjects as it is concerned with “What might be”. It is a truly creative subject that aims to answer the continually changing needs of Society. Design and Technology is a fast moving subject where a correct solution today may well not be valid tomorrow.

Purpose of studying Design & Technology;

  • Acquire understanding and expertise through the process of design and making.
  • Awareness of man’s technological development and its impact on the environment and
  • Opportunity to use a wide range of materials and equipment.
  • Help develop a logical thought process and develop senses.
  • Development the ability to retrieve information and make critical value judgements

An important feature of the subject is that it makes immediate and practical use of knowledge and skills from other school subjects. It is linked with Art and Design, Mathematics and Science, but other subjects can also contribute because Design and Technology influences our lives in so many ways. In the development of a design task, knowledge and skills from other school subjects are combined with personal interests and put to use. A natural extension is to consider the effects of technology on the development of society and to appreciate the balance of advantage and disadvantage in those developments.

Design and Technology is a challenge to all young people. It requires initiative, an enquiring mind, determination, the careful management of time and resources and a sense of responsibility for making decisions and taking action.


Years 7, 8 & 9 are given the opportunity to experience a full range of Design and Technology activities and material areas, these include Food, Systems & Controls, Product Design and Textiles.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students will develop a range of skills and knowledge that are developed throughout each year. These skills are developed through a range of tasks and activities that students get to study. The projects cover Designing, Mainly Making and Tech in Society.

Years 10 &11 students are engaged in the study of their chosen Technologies working towards GCSE, Btec or both.

We offer GCSE level in Food Technology, Product Design, Resistant Materials or Textiles and Btec’s in Construction and Engineering.

6th form students are able to choose from Product Design and Fashion & Textiles within Design &Technology at AS and A2 level

Perks of the course

  • Plenty of opportunity to Design and Make, very ’hands on’
  • Freedom to be creative.
  • Opportunities to engage and liaise with real designers and industry
  • Opportunities to learn useful and important skills transferable to the workplace and life skills
  • Trips to visit galleries and design shows
  • Industrial visits