Government and Politics

Examination Board: AQA

Politics is a broad term which describes the processes and ideas involved in running a state, in our case Britain. The study of politics therefore involves the study of a wide range of issues which effect the government of our country. These issues include looking at the fundamental principles of British democracy and the structure of the British state and constitution; the study of political parties, what these parties stand for and how they operate; the examination of voting behaviour and why people vote for the parties they do; the ‘art’ of politics and how politicians operate and the reasoning behind different political ideologies’.

At the time of writing, examination boards have not finalised their A level Government and Politics specifications. Therefore, the content outlined below and the examination board is subject to change.

People, Politics and Participation

This unit explores the principles of democracy, why people vote in the way that they do, how elections are lost and won, and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of our electoral system.

It also examines the political parties in British politics and examines their beliefs, divisions and structure.

This unit also explores participation in political activity in the wider context of British society. It examines protest groups, pressure groups and the ways in which people can influence government outside of the electoral and party political process.

Governing Modern Britain

This unit focuses on the key institutions, laws and conventions that make up the British political system and

constitution, explaining how the system works, and evaluating how successful it is. Amongst other things you will examine the functions of the House of Commons and Lords, Cabinet and Prime Minister, Civil Service and Judiciary.


This unit studies the theory and ideas behind modern ‘ideologies’, focusing on Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism and Fascism.

The Government of the USA

This unit studies how the USA is governed, looking in detail at the US constitution and the institutions that govern the country.