Guiseley School is a Joint Council for Qualifications Registered Centre.

JCQ National Centre Number (NCN): 37613 DfE Number: 3834108

The Guiseley School(Centre) Exams & Assessment’s Calendar 2017-18 details examinations & assessment dates and is a ‘working document’. Dates for External GCE-GCSE written examinations are set by the examining authorities. Dates for GCE-GCSE non-examined assessment & controlled assessment may be determined by the Centre within parameters set down by the examining authorities. Guiseley School(Centre) will set dates for Internal Year Group examinations; tests and assessment.

The Exams Office is in the process of writing the school GCE-GCSE Timetable Summer 2018; so it has not yet been made available.

The Summer 2018 exam season for GCE-GCSE commences Week 32: Mon 14 May 2018 and ends Week 36: Fri 22 June 2018.

All candidate entries must reach the exam boards by Tuesday 20 Feb 2018; when the school version of the external timetable will be finalised.

Teaching staff are checking entries; and making any amendments where necessary. For example a student moving from Higher to Foundation.

The dates of the examinations are final; Teaching staff will agree a date for completing coursework components with their students.

Year 11; 12 + 13 will receive their provisional timetables Week 20: Mon 29 Jan-Fri 02 Feb.:and final timetables prior to half term Fri 09 Feb.

A copy of the Provisional GCSE Summer 2018 Timetable is attached – these dates are final; but further additions may be made to the timetable subject to entries.

A copy of the Provisional GCE Summer 2018 Timetable will be released shortly

In the meantime should have any questions regarding the planning for the Summer GCE-GCSE Examinations 2018 contact: Mr Allen Exams Officer 01943 882356

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