Exam Schedules

All students have been issued with their Mock GCE A Level Individual timetable & important examination guidelines.

It is vital to the smooth running of the GCE A Level Mock Exam Season that ALL STUDENTS read their timetable and the important examination information ahead of the exams. Students are responsible for knowing when and where their mock examinations will take place. Seating plans for the exam rooms will be posted in the Yr13 Common Area and outside the exam venue prior to the day of the exam. The Dance Studio will be the main venue.

Where a student has an ‘exam clash’ this has been managed to the next suitable time for the student to take their exam. Contact the exams office if there are any questions. Students with a mock exam clash may need to be supervised between exam sessions. For example: over the lunch break, therefore it is recommended that students bring something to eat and drink if necessary.