ArtForms, on behalf of Leeds City Council, has sent all schools and academies in Leeds a batch of flyers detailing the music centre offer for the next academic year 2016/17

All primary schools/academies have been sent enough to give one to each student; high schools/academies have been sent a handful to put out for students to help themselves from.

We very much hope you will be able to draw these to the attention of your students and their parent/carer; the music centres are an invaluable resource, offering musical learning which can support and enhance your own provision. They also offer tuition to people of all ages, offering an excellent opportunity for families to make music together.

Music Lessons

School Clubs

  • Cookery - Group A Start of term - Christmas. Group B January - Easter. (Located in Tec9. £1 surcharge to cover cost of ingredients)
  • Gym (£1 surcharge. Located in the gym. Run by YMCA)
  • Craft (Those not in cookery can attend. Located in SSC)
  • Chess (Located in library)
  • Football (Located in PE)
  • Reading (Located in library)
  • Homework (Located in SSC)
  • Film Club (Located in Languages)

  • Felt making
  • Mindful patterns
  • Art history
  • Printing
  • From Oct 3rd - Year 12 are running a Y7/8 Drama club from 2:45-4:00pm
  • Midsummer Night's Dream rehearsals for the Shakespeare Schools Festival with Y10/11
  • House drama from November - February.
  • School production from March - July
  • Year 7 lunchtime club
  • Monday Break: Junior Flute group (MUP1), Monday Lunch: Folk Group Mu1, Music Theory Mu2, Senior Flute Group MUP1
  • Tuesday Lunch: Wind/Jazz Band Mu2, After school: Harmonix after school Mu2
  • Wednesday Reg: Brass group MUP1, Lunch: Saxinets Mu2
  • Thursday: Soul Band Mu1, After School: Sound and Lighting Club in the Hall
  • Friday: Orchestra Mu1

Year 7s can also book out rehearsal rooms in music for any break, lunch or after school slot.

    • Sound and lighting club is now on Thursdays after school with Mr Dowell. 2.45-3.45 on Thursdays.
    • Monday lunchtime Te3- Waste Club
    • Tuesday after school Te3- Tech club
    • Knitting club in Te7
    • ICT/Computing homework/catch-up club at lunchtime in IT1 everyday.

    Cookery, football, gym and crafts clubs on Blue Wednesday.

    Library before, after school and at lunchtimes.

    Games club in Student support at lunchtime for Years 7/8

    Sports Fixtures