Below you will find some of our online resources and ways that your child can access them. For specific information for each subject area, please the document below.



This is a school online system which is evolving. Currently, it enables students to access revision notes, homework and classwork for every subject from home and at school. It also allows students to consolidate and develop their understanding at their pace. Your child’s username and password are the same as those that are used to access Satchel while at school.

SAM learning GO!

SAM Learning is a website that is designed to assist students with skills that they are developing throughout their time at school. There are KS3 and KS4 sections, with subject divisions within these. KS3 students may want to try more challenging exercises at GCSE level, whilst KS4 students may choose to return to some KS3 exercises to consolidate basic skills and understanding. 

To log onto SAM Learning students need to enter their username. This is their date of birth and their initials (in CAPITALS). Therefore, if a student’s date of birth is 5th May 1996 and their name is John Smith, their username and password will be 050596JS.

The password is the same as the username. The centre number is: LS20GS

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is an online revision tool that has been specifically designed for easy, effective use. It has resources aimed at KS3 and KS4 for many subjects. Revision sessions on key topics and skills are available in manageable sizes.


MyMaths is a fully interactive, online mathematics learning solution for children of all ages and abilities. All students have their own login and individual password in addition to the School Username: guiseley and School Password: circle