At a crucial time of change in your life, we would hope to offer all students the care and guidance needed to develop into confident, happy and successful young adults.

Sixth Form is entirely different from being in Year 11. There are lots of challenges and opportunities, many exciting and some demanding. The refreshing change from KS4, enables us to treat you as young adults, whilst still providing supportive guidance. Alongside the Director and Deputy Director of Sixth Form is a specialist team of Form Tutors. The tutor is a key person in your Sixth Form life, giving information, advice, and guidance on most matters. They will also communicate with your parents/carers, keeping them informed and up to date. Targets are set, for all students, in all subjects and progress is rigorously reviewed. Where intervention is needed, strategies are agreed with both students and parent/carer to make sure no one is left behind. Our specialist Support Unit, Learning Mentor, and Careers Advisor are also available for further support and guidance.

Alongside your academic studies you will also be encouraged to join in our enrichment activities and if you want, gain recognised qualifications such as the EPQ or the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

You will also take part in specialist Careers and Future Planning lessons. Alongside this you are encouraged to gain skills needed for work-related learning, e.g. holding down a part-time job; personal development e.g. passing your driving test, and community service e.g. coaching mini- rugby every Sunday morning or just doing the weekly shop for someone. These are just some of the activities that our students have included in their enrichment matrix.

All students, in Year 12, take part in a week of work experience in July. Each placement is relevant to individual students future plans.

What you do is up to you in liaison with your Form Tutor. There are also many activities organised within school e.g. mentoring Year 8 students, buddying Year 7 students. The Sixth Form Student Committee also raises many thousands of pounds for charities with a rag week and lots of social events.

Other additions to our portfolio of what’s on offer is the World Challenge and entries into The National Debating Matters and Young Enterprise competitions.