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Examination Results

GCSE Results 2023

Guiseley School takes great pride in celebrating the wonderful achievements of its students in the 2023 examinations series.

Our students have risen to the challenge of the first set of exam results to return to the pre-covid 2019 processes. Their grades are a testament to their hard work and dedication. 76% of our students achieved a pass (grade 4) or above in both Mathematics and English (National 67%) whilst 60% achieved a strong pass (grade 5) in these subjects (National 47%).

This year group will not only be remembered for their results but for their continued participation in our whole school concerts, school productions, sporting events. They are now preparing for their next steps with large numbers returning to the school's Sixth Form, whilst others have secured college places and apprenticeships across the city. 150 students stayed on into Guiseley School’s Sixth Form in September 2023.

Headline results

Progress 8 score (provisional)+0.20 Likely Range -0.05 to 0.00
Attainment 8 Score5.24.9
% 9-7 Grades30%21.6%
% 9-5 Grades66%-
% Basics at Grade 4+ (both English & Maths)76%67%
% Basics at Grade 5+ (both English & Maths)60%47%

A level Results 2023

Guiseley School takes great pride in the results our A level students achieved, where they continued the trend of performing exceptionally well. Overall, 24% of all A level grades were awarded at A* to A and 72% of all A-Level grades were A* to C.  

This meant that many students achieved the grades that they needed in order to progress with over 90% of students getting into their first choice or second of university.

Our Year 13 students were a credit to the school community taking a lead on charity fundraising events and acting as role models to our younger students by exhibiting the values it takes to be a Guiseley student.

Guiseley School students will now be preparing for next steps with many having secured places at prestigious universities, colleges, and higher apprenticeships.

Headline results

A Level2023
% A*-E96%
% A*-C72%
% A*-B45%
% A*-A24%
Average point score per entry33.52
Average A level gradeC+
Applied general2023
% D*-M90%
% D*-D46%
Average point score per entry40.63
Average Applied general gradeD+