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Parking Arrangements

The dropping off and collecting of children in the streets immediately surrounding Guiseley School causes significant concern to our neighbours. The increased volume of cars has an impact on residents’ ability to park their own vehicles and, on occasion, leave their driveways.

Of even greater concern to us is the escalated risk to children on their commute to or from school because of this increased volume of traffic. Hawksworth Avenue and Fieldhead Drive should not be used as a cut-through. Hawksworth Avenue is clearly signed as ‘Access Only’ to that street and is not an access route to the school.

We strongly encourage students to use public transport and/or walk or cycle to school if possible. If parents/carers have to drive their children in, then please drop them off well away from Fieldhead Road and Fieldhead Drive, encouraging them to walk the last section of the journey. Staff will be on duty at each entry point to school to ensure appropriate supervision for children walking into school and a short walk will do them no harm at all!

Thank you for your consideration and co-operation.