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Dress Code

Guiseley School has a school uniform because it helps to create a culture and identity that looks professional and appropriate for a working environment. The uniform means equity for all, it reduces anxiety, provides a routine and reduces distractions. 

In the Sixth Form, student voice has told us that a dress code is more appropriate than a uniform. Having chosen to continue their studies at an 11 – 18 school we trust our Sixth Form students to choose clothing that is appropriate for a school environment. In making your choice you must recognise your responsibility in acting as positive role models at all times, including in areas of school dress. 

As a Sixth Form student you are expected to dress smartly showing that you are ready to work and setting an example to others. The bullet points below give guidance to your choice of clothes and clearly set out clothing/accessories that are not acceptable and should not be worn. As fashions change you should wear clothes that are appropriate to a school setting, if in doubt please ask. 

  • ID Badges must be visible at all times
  • Smart trousers or knee length tailored shorts in the summer term. If jeans are worn then the denim must be smart.
  • Thick non-transparent leggings.
  • Skirt or dress that falls just above the knee (closer to the knees than the hips). If this is worn then dark coloured tights must also be worn.
  • Skirt or dress that falls below the knee.
  • Smart tops (No low cut tops. Midriffs or underwear must not be visible)
  • “Inside type” jacket/cardigan/jumper/leavers hoodie/plain hoodie
  • Students participating in the Pro Elite Programme may wear their branded Pro Elite kit to lessons
  • Outside coats must be removed before entering a classroom

The following are not part of the agreed dress code and should not be worn to school:

  • Thin strapped vest tops
  • Clothing with logos or motifs that are unsuitable for a school environment
  • Leisure wear, which would include such things as sports shorts/track suit bottoms/patterned hoodies
  • Fishnet tights
  • Ripped, bleached or faded jeans
  • Head garments (except those worn for recognised religious or cultural reasons)
  • No visible tattoos
  • No excessive jewellery – facial piercings are limited to studs
  • No extreme hair style/colour

If a student wears clothes or accessories judged to be inappropriate for an 11-18 school setting, Form Tutors will send the student to the KS5 office. The student may then be sent home to change their clothing and parents informed.