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Reporting and Assessment

At Guiseley School we operate assessment cycles.  These are fixed points in our school calendar where we will assess how well the students have understood and remembered the curriculum.  After these assessment cycles we will report to parents and carers how the students have done on the assessments.  In all year groups we report on a student’s ATL grade and their attendance.

What you will find in your child’s report

For further information

As always, the best place to get more detailed information is to attend one of our academic parents’ evenings, where our teachers will be able to talk through in more detail on how your child is doing and importantly, what they need to do next to make further progress.  

Should you wish to discuss anything regarding your child’s general progress at school then contact your child’s Pastoral Leader.  If your query is about a specific subject, then contact either your child’s class teacher or the Curriculum Leader for the subject.