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Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is designed to support our school mission statement. We aim to instill an ethic of kindness and support this through a comprehensive PSHE programme alongside regular input through our form tutor time and assemblies. They also promote Fundamental British Values, develop students’ understanding of careers, and promote the development of character. These attributes complement the academic development of students to ensure they become healthy, well-rounded and effective members of society.

We want our students to have the confidence to have high aspirations and to acquire the skills and knowledge for their future challenges. Subsequently our Curriculum is broad, with a 3-year key stage 3 that ensures students will leave school with a balanced understanding across subject areas irrespective of their GCSE and A Level option choices.

Across all subjects our curriculum is knowledge-rich and has been carefully mapped out develop the acquisition of powerful knowledge – knowledge which is systematically developed to explain concepts, predict misconceptions and enable students to embed understanding. This knowledge is not just that prescribed by the national curriculum or by exam boards, but knowledge which allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject and foster a full appreciation for each discipline and its importance in the world.

We are acutely aware of both the workplace, apprenticeship and training opportunities across Leeds and the surrounding area. We know that English and Mathematics will be essential for our students to access post-16 opportunities of choice. Across Key Stages the curriculum is underpinned by a strong investment of time in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages in Key Stage 3 and 4.  This English Baccalaureate suite of subjects, has a beneficial impact on student attainment and on students remaining in A-Level education subsequently.

This is complemented by a diet of subjects such as PE, Music, Drama, Art, RE, Design Technology. Leeds has strong Media, IT and Business sectors and opportunities to provide experience in these areas is provided at GCSE and A-Level with courses in I-Media, Business Studies and IT

Our curriculum is also including a wide and varied extra-curricular enrichment offer through the universally extended day.  Access enrichments designed to enable them to apply their learning, understand the applications of their skills, and be successful 21st century citizens in Britain. These further promote personal development of students.

Our curriculum is led by specialists who have carefully and coherently sequenced the curriculum. This allows the embedding of powerful knowledge and concepts so that they interlace and accelerate progression to bring about deep learning. Should you have any further questions please contact Mr Vasey, Deputy Headteacher.

Information regarding our policies for pupils with SEND can be found on our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) page.