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Curriculum Overview

At Guiseley School, we have a comprehensive intake drawn from the local area and beyond. Our broad and academically rigorous curriculum has a strong focus on the Core and Ebacc subjects so that our students can leave school for University or their very best alternative pathway. Powerful knowledge sits at the heart of our curriculum planning and is taught within the subject specific domains, developing skills and understanding. Our curriculum is carefully planned, delivering powerful knowledge (that which is specific, defined and taught within the subject specialism). This deliberate focus on knowledge is significant in improving the life chances of our students and ensuring they are equipped to grow as 21st century citizens. The planning takes careful account of that which know about how students learn, taking care to support cognitive processes so that working memory is not overloaded, and allowing for concepts to be revisited so that we harness the testing and retrieval aspects of learning. 

Our curriculum is led by specialists who have carefully and coherently sequenced the curriculum. This allows the embedding of powerful knowledge and concepts so that they interlace and accelerate progression to bring about deep learning. Should you have any further questions please contact Mr Vasey, Deputy Headteacher.

Information regarding our policies for pupils with SEND can be found on our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) page.