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The Guiseley Meal Deal

A meal deal is £2.55 and is available at lunch times only. It consists of a main course, a dessert, and a drink. One of each item must be included to constitute a meal deal.

  • Mains (with a side): Meal Deal Grab & Go Protein, Meal Deal Grab & Go Veggie, Filled Baguette, Panini, Jacket Potato with 1 Topping, Pasta Pot (Meat and Veggie), Neo Pizza Slice.
  • Dessert: Small Fruit Pot, Small Dessert Pot, Small Jelly Pot, Small Homebake.
  • Drink: 330ml Water or Juice Carton.

Our caterers

Catering at Guiseley School is provided by Midshire Signature Services. Midshire Signature Services are a real fresh food company with food nutrition at heart of their menus, while at the same time delivering a dining experience that's on trend with modern food concepts, in line with the high street, food markets and global street food vendors. Their aim is to deliver a dining experience that offers a wider variety of food offers across the whole daily menu with something for everyone and also a price point to match, with daily meal deals available.

The school food standards

Eating in school should be a pleasurable experience: time spent sharing good food with peers and teachers.

The school food standards are intended to help children develop healthy eating habits and ensure that they get the energy and nutrition they need across the whole school day. It is just as important to cook food that looks good and tastes delicious. A child’s healthy, balanced diet should consist of:

  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Plenty of unrefined starchy foods
  • Some meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein
  • Some milk and dairy foods
  • (and a small amount of food and drink high in fat, sugar and/or salt)