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Alongside all the facilities a brand new school offers, we have a dedicated Sixth Form cafeteria, where you can purchase a wide variety of food from bacon sandwiches at breakfast to pasta and salad for lunch.  In addition, Sixth Form has:

  • A Sixth Form ICT suite, including Wi-Fi access for students who wish to bring in their own devices.
  • An additional study room, equipped with charging points and full Wi-Fi access.
  • A brand new common room that allows you to study in a less formal environment and to relax at breaks and lunchtime.
  • Toilets for Sixth Form use only.
  • Lockers for storing personal belongings safely.

Our Sixth Form cafeteria offers:

  • Separate dining facilities from our main school year groups offering a space just for Sixth Formers
  • A hot drinks machine providing a range of beverages including coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Daily specials on the menu and a range of snacks
  • Sixth Form only food specials served in the Common Room that are exclusive to KS5
  • Larger portions on offer in Sixth Form
Sixth Form common room
Sixth Form common room
Sixth Form canteen
Sixth Form canteen
Sixth Form study room
Sixth Form study room