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We are a high achieving school where students make excellent progress and achieve aspirational grades. The future destinations of post-Sixth Form students is an ever-changing picture. Approximately 75% choose to go to University. The choice of Universities include Russell Group and Oxford or Cambridge. This figure varies from year to year.

The Apprenticeship route, which includes the relatively new Degree Apprenticeships, is becoming a more popular choice. Other students decide to take a gap year, in order to gain more life experience before deciding on their future.

We advise and support students to progress to the aspirational destination of choice, this will be different for individuals. Whilst the traditional academic destinations are still the most common choice for progression at the end of Sixth Form studies, an increasing number of students are taking advantage of Apprenticeships. 

Within the successful university applications, we also saw a large number of students progressing to prestigious universities.

Sixth Form Destinations 2023