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8 Principles of Great Teaching

Teaching and Learning Ethos – Guiseley School

At Guiseley School we teach in a direct and purposeful manner with careful application of pedagogy which achieves our curricular intent. Teachers plan and deliver lessons that are rooted in subject specialism. Our 8 Principles of Great Teaching provides a model for teacher learning. It gives us a credible summary of the elements of great teaching practice, the kind that impacts most on learning. Sourcing work by Rosenshine (2012) and Coe (2020) we go back to first principles of cognitive science and credible research to create a framework within which our teachers make autonomous pedagogical decisions rooted in subject expertise. This also includes knowing when and how to adapt lessons appropriately, using approaches which enable all pupils to be taught effectively. This framework helps to build teacher knowledge which is then supported by feedback systems, such as coaching and Professional Development sessions, that enable continuous improvement for our teachers.

Assessment is used in a timely and considered fashion. Formative assessment is used every lesson to check that crucial components have been remembered, so that teaching can be reshaped as necessary. Summative assessment is used twice a year to check that wider composites have been remembered and understood.