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British Physics Olympiad Success for Year 13 Students

We are thrilled to announce that this year we've had the best success ever in Paper 1 of the British Physics Olympiad from Martin Walker and Stanley Smith, Year 13. 

The British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) is a series of ten competitions in the study of physics for students in Years 11–13 in the UK. Founded in 1979, the BPhO has been used as a qualifier for selection into the UK Physics Team for the International Physics Olympiad. The organisation aims to encourage the study of Physics and through ten annual Physics and Astronomy & Astrophysics competitions. This year over 3,000 students from 482 schools participated in the UK.

These challenging competitions are designed to test understanding and problem solving skills, participation in a British Physics Olympiad allows students to:

  • Have fun problem solving by testing their knowledge with stimulating questions
  • Experience the perseverance and determination required to solve harder problems
  • See the real-world problem-solving potential of physics
  • Gain a prestigious award for CVs and UCAS forms
  • Win Certificates and book prizes
  • Develop the skills required for admission to top universities.

Martin achieved a Top Gold (only 5.9% of over 3000 entries), and Stanley achieved a Gold (only 10% of entries). This is an absolutely remarkable achievement for both of them, and we are so happy that their hard work brought them such fantastic results.