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Food Bank Collection for St. George's Crypt

In late February we ran our Food Bank Appeal for St. George's Crypt, while we don't have any final numbers for the amounts donated we are happy to say we received so much from our Guiseley community, and want to emphasise how grateful we are for everyone's contributions. The staff room was filled to the brim with boxes and bags full of food and toiletries, which has since been taken for organisation by the charity. 

Our Student Council, as always, selects the charities and causes that they fundraise for and were eager to give a statement regarding this term's Food Bank Collection:

"This term we wanted to help out in our local area, and give aid to those that need it most. We chose St. George's Crypt because of their mission to help the homeless and vulnerable. The charity already had a list for the items they needed and we wanted to split these up into 4 days; focusing on different item categories for easy organisation. But we made sure everyone knew this wasn't as important as having the donations in the first place. Anyone could bring what they wanted as long as they fit within the categories we had, regardless of the day.
Everyone who participated went out of their way to bring stuff in every day, as well as actually buying the items we needed rather than bringing in spares from home. It was really rewarding to see all the boxes being filled up!
We want to thank everyone who joined in, it's so nice to be able to make a difference for people who aren't as lucky as us and to have a chance to really help them."

- Maximilian Adams (Year 7), Layla Qahwaji (Year 8), Kibby Crosby (Year 9)