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Malaga Trip 2023

Published 07/11/2023

At the end of last term our Year 10s and staff had an amazing time in Malaga. 

With the chance to explore the city in a guided tour, as well a tapas tour all on their first day, the trip was off to an amazing start. For the rest of the trip our linguists had a wonderful time practicing their spanish, visiting cathedrals (where they got to experience a traditional Mass, and were incredibly respectful while they observed) and the Picasso Museum, the Pompidou Centre Malaga and the La Rosaleda Football Stadium. A particular highlight was the Flamenco Dancing Workshop on the last night, which the students really got into and it was great to see them enjoying themselves. Mr Thomas and Mr Doidge even got in on the fun, much to the hilarity of the Year 10s. 

Overall it was a lovely trip, our linguists got to explore a nice mix of culture and tradition, as well as the mediterranean way of life. Staff and student alike came home very happy with many a tale to tell, we can't wait until the next one!