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Red Kite Battle of the Bands 2024

On Thursday 19th January, Red Kite held its inaugural Battle of the Bands at The Wardrobe in Leeds. 

Our representatives in the competition, Bleach'd, were buzzing with excitement as they went though soundcheck and counted down the moments until the event begun. 

There was a brilliant turn out of over 300 guests, with many familiar faces from Guiseley turning up to see Bleach'd play. When it was finally their turn to play, they did so with skill, professionalism and sounded brilliant. The competition was fierce but this didn't deter them from putting on a professional performance and showcasing the best we have to offer here at Guiseley. They came off stage beaming with pride, having enjoyed every minute. You can watch their performance here.

Having the opportunity to perform at The Wardrobe so early in their music careers is truly uncommon, but so was performing and being judged by Kaiser Chief, Simon Rix.

While Bleach'd didn't place in the judge's top three, the 300+ audience members ranked our band second in the audience choice award - an amazing achievement for a band that only formed in July of last year. 

To top the night off, their first single 'End of the Night' hit 1000 Spotify streams just 48 hours after its release. Please see the bottom of this article to give it a listen. 

Our Head of Music, Mr Stote, had this to say: "My pride for this group of musicians is off the charts - from forming in July to performing at a leading venue in Leeds within 6 months is outstanding... performing at this venue with an original, even more impressive! They truly showed Leeds schools what Guiseley are capable of!"

All in all, we and so incredibly proud of them for their hard work in writing, performing and producing their own song - and for having the confidence to get up and perform for a packed venue. We cannot wait to see where this road leads you all.