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GCSE English

Examination board: AQA

Students will be entered for two GCSEs, English Language and English Literature.

English Language: 

Paper 1 – Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing - 1 hour 45 minutes (50% of GCSE) 

Paper 2 – Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives – 1 hour 45 minutes (50% of GCSE) 

Spoken Language Endorsement (see below for further details) 

Spoken Language Endorsement: 

The Spoken Language Endorsement (SLE) is an endorsed component of the course covering spoken language. Students pick a topic of interest and deliver a short presentation to their peers. The SLE is reported as a separate grade (Pass, Merit, Distinction or Not Classified). The SLE does not contribute towards the English Language grade. 

The SLE will be assessed at the end of Y10. Official reporting of grades will happen before the examination series in Y11.   

English Literature: 

Paper 1 – Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel (Macbeth and A Christmas Carol) – 1 hour 45 minutes (40% of GCSE) 

Paper 2 – Modern Texts and Poetry (An Inspector Calls, Power and Conflict Poetry, Unseen Poetry) – 2 hours 15 minutes (60% of GCSE)