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GCSE Geography

Examination board: AQA

The AQA course is assessed across 3 papers: 

Paper 1 – Physical Geography: Hazards, Living World, Physical Landscapes UK (Glaciation and Rivers) 

Paper 2- Human Geography: Urban Environment, Changing Economic World, Resources 

Paper 3- Geographical Applications: Synoptic element pre-release will come out before Easter, Fieldwork (questions on unseen fieldwork and our own investigations) 

It is important that your child is taking personal responsibility for their retrieval work. They must be working through their topics from year 10 and identifying areas of weakness to focus on.  This includes learning case study material in detail. 

CPG revision guides, workbooks and revision cards are available to buy through school and are on your ParentPay account. Please ask students to collect in school once you have bought these. On your child’s class Team, they will find each topic Knowledge Organiser which is an excellent revision resource in itself.