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Physical Education (GCSE)

GCSE Physical Education

Examination board: OCR

It is assessed across 4 parts: 

  1. Paper 1 – Physical factors affecting performance - examination (60 marks / 60 minutes) (30% of the overall grade)
  2. Paper 2 - Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology – examination (60 marks / 60 minutes) (30% of the overall grade)
  3. Non examined assessment - Analysis and Evaluation of Performance – coursework/portfolio (20 marks, completed within lesson time) (10% of the overall grade)
  4. Non examined assessment - Practical Performances – broken into 3 sports (1 team / 1 individual / 1 other) (20 marks each, 60 total) (30% of overall grade)

Please note that the deadline for mark submission for part 3 & 4 is the end of February so all moderation must be completed prior to this. After this time your child cannot positively impact their grade in these areas. 

It is important that your child is taking personal responsibility for their practical scores. They must be attending either extracurricular clubs or sports teams outside of school to ensure they get the best score possible. 

Revision guides, workbooks and revision cards are available to buy in school for the OCR PE specification (available via parent pay). These are at a significant discount to online or in shops.