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GCSE History

Examination board: AQA

The students are following the AQA GCSE History course and are assessed on four units as follows: 

Year 10: 

Britain: Health and the people from 1000 to the present day. (Sept to Feb half term) 

Looks at how medicine and the ability of society to respond to public health has developed since Medieval times.  

Students investigate at how a range of factors have created change in 4 key time periods- Medieval, Early Modern, Industrial and Modern. 

The Norman Conquest- 1066-1100. (Feb half term to summer) 

Considers how the Norman conquest changed England 

Students investigate key developments in the Norman conquest of Britain- E.g. Castles, Feudalism, Religion. 

Year 11: 

Conflict and tension- The First World War 1894-1918 (Summer- Xmas) 

Students investigate at key causes of the war, including imperialism, nationalism and the European arms race, as well as the Moroccan Crisis and Balkans crisis in detail. 

They will then study at the key battles and events of the First world war. 

Germany 1895-1900: Democracy and Dictatorship: (Xmas to May) 

Looks at Germany from the Kaiser and experience of the First World War, through the Weimar republic and the Rise of Hitler.